Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Rug You're Dying To See - And More On New Custom Furnishings and Bedding

There she is! Hard to believe that I was a little unsure of the IKAT my client was begging for on the rug at first, but I am thrilled with the pop the large scale pattern gives the room. Teamwork between client and designer always yields the best result!
Remember what I said yesterday

The same is true for bed-skirts. Don't y'all think it is nearly impossible to find a decent bed-skirt on the retail market. They're too short, too lightweight, a weird length. I started making my own bed-skirts, too. See how that one just graces the floor - what a difference. Ahhhhh, makes me feel so much better. Plus, I am super proud of the quality Claire Watkins Interior Design Custom can now bring to clients. Would y'all be interested in me showing you some of our construction and progress shots soon so you know exactly what I'm talking about? You can see the dovetailing on the drawers and even the foam and nail-heads on the headboard. It is really exciting for me and I love seeing my clients delight in pieces made just for them right here in Atlanta.

Now, I just need to settle on a name. 

What do y'all think? Here are a few brainstorms thus far -

1. Custom by Claire Watkins Interior Design
2. Custom By CWID
3. One Eyed Dog Designs (after my dog, Annabelle)

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morningside Master Suite - A Sneak Peek

It is late in the afternoon here in Atlanta, but I just had to show you a few snippets of the master suite the Morningside Project on mentioned yesterday on my Facebook page Claire Watkins Interior Design is on FACEBOOK, LIKE US PRETTY PLEASE!. I love the blue and white and am thrilled with how the pillows turned out. Just wait until you see the rug and bedskirt! 

Just like the night-stands in this project, I've been adding more and more custom furnishing pieces by Claire Watkins Interior Design to my repertoire. After becoming disappointed with the quality of dresser and night-stands available on the retail and even the trade market (wood veneer, seriously people!), I decided to start making my own. Within just a few months, we designed, crafted and installed over 10 completely unique pieces - all made by hand right here in Atlanta. More on that later - we make headboards and pillows, too.

Right now, just wait until you see the gorgeous rug in this project - I'm still swooning. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Block Print Handtowels - Easy Peasy DIY

Hope you guys are doing great! I don't know about y'all, but I am loving all the fun block prints out there right now. So summery! I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to try out the wood block stamps my friend Anjali brought me back from India. Plus, this is totally a quick and easy fun project for anyone else wanting in on the trend. So when Pantone asked me about doing a post for you to go along with their MyColor inspired by Pantone Painting Party campaign they are hosting, I knew exactly what to do.

Pantone sent me several colors of paint and for some reason I have been digging on some fuchsia lately. So with just an hour and a few flour sack towels to spare, I made myself some lovely new dish towels. So summery, don't you think! Good hostess gift idea? I think so.

In need of a few more colorful ideas? Be sure to check out these other talented ladies and hit up the Pantone Facebook Page

Nicole from Sketch 42

Angela from The Painted House

Courtney From Courtney Out Loud

Joi from Nuestra Vida Dulce

You could win a sample of MyColor Inspired by Pantone by commenting here about how you’d use MyColor paint in your next project. For a second chance to win, tweet your project ideas to @MYCOLORPAINTS using hashtag #PassItOn.  And, if you “like” the MYCOLOR INSPIRED BY PANTONE FACEBOOK page, you can share your project ideas there for one more chance to win.  MyColor is also on Instagram @mycolorpaints.

Happy Weekend!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Before and After - A Colorful Front Door In Inman Park

So this morning, I was out running some errands in my old stomping ground of Atlanta's Inman Park neighborhood when I drove past this house I selected the exterior colors for way back in September. Check out the before picture from real estate listing below - can you even believe the difference?

What can I say - that bright yellow front door makes me happy every single time I see it!

By the way,  anyone know what movie they're filming over there right now? The trailers on Euclid are lined up!

Have wonderful Friday and enjoy this sunshine!
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Refinishing Antique Doors - A How To : Part 2 of 2 : Sanding, Priming and Painting

Hey there! I hope you guys are having a great week. Isn't it funny how right as the time changes, Fall seems to really set in! I am so happy to say that I am finally finished restoring the last original door on our house here in Atlanta, as I am ready to move onto other indoor projects. 

Before I get to those other projects (hello, master bath and closet!!), please join me as I share the second part of my door project with you. If you watched last week's video, you already know about the nasty process of stripping your door and the importance of protecting yourself when using nasty chemicals like stripper. Remember what happened to my shoes! Luckily Sanding, Painting and Priming isn't nearly as gnarly, but you'll still want to protect yourself and 3MDIY offers a wonderful and affordable line of products.

As I mention in the video, you'll need some supplies and tools, both for completing the project and protecting yourself while you do. Here's a rundown of what you'll need at your ready :

3M Sandpaper (sheets and orbital sander refills)
3M Safety Glasses
3M Mask
3M Gloves 
Orbital Sander
Paint Pan
Paint Roller 
Paint Brush
Paint (I like a Semi-Gloss or Satin for interior doors)
Stripper & Mineral Spirits - for hardware
A Rag
A Glass Jar 

Ok, you're all set. And I promise the results are oh so worth it. Here's my rundown - 

Refinishing Antique Doors - A How To : Part 2 of 2 : Sanding, Priming and Painting from Claire Watkins on Vimeo.

This post is a sponsored collaboration with 3M DIY. To enter to win free samples for your next DIY project, visit

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Refinishing Antique Doors - A How To : Part 1 of 2 : Supplies, Safety and Stripping

First of all, let me say it is hard to believe all the destruction the past 18 hours have brought the northeastern region of our country. All the way from Georgia, we are certainly sending our thoughts and keeping our ears open for ways that we can help. To those of you afflicted, I hope you are safe and dry and that your power will be returned shortly.

We're moving along with the renovation of our 1940's house and a big part of that process has been restoring all of the original doors and their hardware. Let me tell you - the restoration process is time consuming and full of nasty chemicals, but when you see the doors in all their original splendor - all of the hard work is oh - so - worth it. Whether you want to restore a piece of painted furniture or are reviving antique doors like I am, you can follow along with my 2 part video series as I take you through the whole process.

Truthfully, none of it takes much skill, just dedication and some serious safety precautions. After all, refinishing an antique painted wood piece means you may be dealing with paint containing *lead* and you will definitely be dealing with the stripper itself. Nasty stuff.

Oh and saw horses, you'll need those, too!

True story - the soles of the shoes I wore to refinish my first 3 doors disintegrated as a result of contact with the paint stripper. Now, imagine what that stuff could do to your skin or lungs! Not pleasant.

Luckily, 3M makes some great safety products and I have used them to protect myself as I refinished each of my doors. When you go to your local hardware store to pick up the items you'll need to refinish your piece, 3M's products will be right there. Who doesn't love convenience.

If you're like me - you may even find some enjoyment in scraping away all those layers of paint.

Get your project started by watching today's video -

Refinishing Antique Doors - A How To : Part 1 : Supplies, Safety and Stripping
  • Necessary Supplies and Tools
  • Safety Precautions
  • Applying Paint Stripper
  • Prepping Your Surface For Sanding and Painting

Refinishing Antique Doors - A How To : Part 1 of 2 : Supplies, Safety and Stripping from Claire Watkins on Vimeo.
Check back next week and we'll finish up the process with Refinishing Antique Doors - A How To : Part 2 of 2 :Sanding and Painting!

This post is a sponsored collaboration with 3M DIY. To enter to win free samples for your next DIY project, visit

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Recap In Pictures

Saturday night's last minute Halloween costume (can you tell it is a paper doll?),

a little bit of the Fall flavor around here,

a little more of the Fall flavor (Ina's Coq Au Vin recipe here, so yummy and so purple in person),

the status of my master-bathroom-gut-job-and-wall-bump-out (oh hello, exterior wall from previous reno)

finally at the beginning of the put back together stage (wahoo!),

a tease for tomorrow's blog post detailing how I refinished all my house's antique doors and their original hardware and kept my sanity (could also be applied to furniture) and

further proof that not only can Kristen paint walls, she can also make fabulous Save The Dates.

So that's it, I think we're all caught up on my end. Your turn. ;-)

And thought to all the people up on the East Coast, especially one of my very best friends - Anjali. May you stay dry, safe and warm and may your electricity return soon!


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