Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From The New House: Naked Studs!

 Last week, via text, I got a picture of some naked studs hanging out in my house.
Cause for alarm?  I'll say.  After all, those are my naked studs.
 When I went to check em out, the party was over.  No more naked studs.
Early one morning last week before I left to meet clients, I took this picture to share the progress of the house with you.  I don't have a good before shot from this angle, but the walls previously had some version of fake beadboard up to their poor midsection.  To me, the beadboard was completely chopping the room in half and right away, I knew it had to go.  Change is a coming, Folks.  

Next up on HighGlossBlue, we'll be banishing that beige.

Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed by all the work to be done on this house.  I am a person who likes to put my head down until all my work is finished, come up for air and then start anew.  I have a hard time with this inch by inch bit.  On the other hand, the opportunity to realize my vision is one that, as an interior designer, I live for - inch by inch - one naked stud at a time.

Hope you're having a good week, Glossies!  


Terry E. Kearns said...

I don't have even a lame snappy retort to this, but I'm working on it. Nice arch though.

Karen Albert said...

Claire I am excited to see  more. I know how you feel ; I get so impatient!

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