Monday, March 12, 2012

Creating A Gallery Wall: 5 Tips From My Design Wars Wall

Hello there! 

A bunch of you have been asking about the gallery wall I created on Friday's episode of HGTV's Design Wars. I use gallery walls like this one in a bunch of projects because I love that the clients can easily add updated photos and childrens' artwork long after I leave. The similar and simple frames ground the look, so colorful artwork and photographs mix with black and white ones effortlessly. Here are some tips for creating a gallery wall of your own.  Oh and the paint color - that's Benjamin Moore's Champion Cobalt.
1. Measure your wall's width and height in order to determine how many shelf ledges you need.  You can see I drew up the space to scale and sketched in the frames.
2. Purchase frames from a big box store so you will be able to continue buying frames, as you fill up your wall.  Non - glare glass or shatter proof glass (for wily and curious children) can be purchased after market from a glass or frame shop.

3. This is important!  Keep your frame size proportional to the depth of your picture ledge. Top heavy taller frames will require more room to lean and thus, a deeper ledge. A 3" deep ledge (like the IKEA model above) will support a picture up to 14" high, but a better option is the 4" deep model from Room and Board.

4. Purchase frames in size to work for your space. Then, scale and crop your photographs to fit your frames. This is much easier than the other way around. Plus, cropping family photographs gives them a fine art feel. I cropped a photograph of this family's little girl and boy spinning and dancing to show just their movement and feet.  It's my favorite photograph on the wall.

5.  Send your edited photographs to a professional printer and request acid free paper for printing.  For this project, Kyle at Image On This did a perfect job, even cutting the images to my exact specifications.  You can contact Kyle at 770-380-5446.
Finally, many thanks to the lovely folks at Design Within Reach Atlanta for the Cherner side chair!  


Sherryhdesigns said...

Claire I thought you did a fabulous job on your designs....and I love this gallery wall!!!

Terry E. Kearns said...

Very nice. Thinks for the secrets. When I saw the show, I lost ti when I saw the blue.

Karen Albert said...

Claire I absolutely adore you wall of photos and of course you signature blue is gorgeous!

Come over to visit, I have a New Giveaway I think you will love!

Art by Karena

Kapp135 said...

Claire, so excited about all of your successes and looking forward to watch your debut on Design Wars with your mom on Wednesday.  I can't wait to try and incorporate some of your ideas into our house. A big congratulations to you and your future endeavors.  You have created an awesome blog,  Kathy Appleton

Home Blogger Raf said...

A gallery wall is a great idea, can't wait to start my own now.  Thanks for the tips, will be checking this site now from time to time to pick up more useful ideas :)

Sheilla Greenburn said...

I like the glossy look of that
wall. I have white wall tiles and this color is cool to for a bathroom
floor tiles


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