Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bedroom Makeover As Birthday Surprise - Project Shots!

So, one of my now favorite clients approached me with the exciting idea of creating a room as a surprise for her 5 year old daughter's birthday way back in April. After a few busy summer months, I am just now getting a chance to show it to you. In her first phone call to me, Maggie was wickedly funny right off the bat. Combine her wit with the idea of creating a bedroom makeover birthday present, I welcomed the opportunity to get started. We got right to work discussing the "must have" list - you know the one. Maggie's requests for my room (AFTER shot featured below) were pretty simple. 

 The room must -
  • grow with her daughter (not too sweet, have some hangout space away from younger siblings) 
  • accommodate the burgeoning social butterfly's already plentiful sleepovers 
  • have some play space / toy storage
  • And could I please do something about all the weird ceiling angles!? (of course!)
I got right to work suggesting a double size daybed with a pullout trundle. The bed could function as seating as her daughter grew older, while opening up ample play space in the meantime. To solve both the functional storage issue and Maggie's more visual issue with the ceiling angles, I sketched up a two tower built - in for toy storage and niches for storing books within reach of the bed.

Because we wired those built ins for sconces with the switches completely of sight - gone is the need for bedside tables and lamps. Yay for more floor space and projects with any kind of construction!

Maggie wanted her Little Bit to have a bulletin board without sharp pins safe for little fingers, so I made a custom board with ribbons for tucking pictures and keepsakes.

For a completely cohesive look, I repeated the fabric and trim from the picture board on a simple relaxed roman shade.

To punch up our pastels, I pulled in some existing artwork (hello Frida!) and a bright striped rug. I cannot think of many stains that will show up on that rug, but it can be flipped over or cleaned when they do. Because the rug is a soft flat-weave, it is comfortable for playing on the floors.

On the day of Little Bit's birthday, I arrived to put the final touches on her surprise. Somehow Maggie was able to keep the birthday girl out of the room for an entire month before the big reveal. At one point when I was working in the room I heard a soft little voice from outside the door - if you open the door, I'll give you a sandwich - was what the little voice said.

It almost worked, but in the end Maggie pulled off a great surprise that I was really honored to be a part of. I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did!

What's the best birthday surprise you ever pulled off?

My 30th was last week and I got a really, really good one. A story for another day.


Terry Kearns said...

"A story for another day."

Niki McNeill said...

How sweet is that!! I love the room & the story makes it even better ;) 

Suebythec said...

Wish I was a little girl! So what's the story?

Home Blogger Francis said...

What a lovely idea and it looks like you did a great job.  The girl obviously knows how to negotiate ha!

Kristen Fountain Davis said...

so who painted those killer walls? heh heh heh... :)

Carrie said...

What a great looking room! It's not too juvenile and she'll definitely be able to "grow" with it. I also love all of the storage boxes and bulletin board. I'm a professional organizer and that is the best way to teach kids to pick up their stuff--give them a place to put everything. Great job!

Bethany @ Powell Brower Home said...

I'm over from Kristin's blog - love the stencil, turned out great!!!

JWS Interiors said...

The room is so well put together. The color really travels around the room, lovely!

anna Sonata said...

Very nice, thanks for the information.
Anna @

Janine B said...

I love the round table! Can you please tell me where you got it? Thanks!

Andre said...

Thanks for the article! I was looking right for this information


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