Friday, March 8, 2013

Before and After - A Colorful Front Door In Inman Park

So this morning, I was out running some errands in my old stomping ground of Atlanta's Inman Park neighborhood when I drove past this house I selected the exterior colors for way back in September. Check out the before picture from real estate listing below - can you even believe the difference?

What can I say - that bright yellow front door makes me happy every single time I see it!

By the way,  anyone know what movie they're filming over there right now? The trailers on Euclid are lined up!

Have wonderful Friday and enjoy this sunshine!
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1 comment:

Terry Kearns said...

This place looks so familiar to me. I'll find it or I'll be back to beg where it is. Have missed the glossy blue one. Hope to run into y'all one day soon.


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