Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Rug You're Dying To See - And More On New Custom Furnishings and Bedding

There she is! Hard to believe that I was a little unsure of the IKAT my client was begging for on the rug at first, but I am thrilled with the pop the large scale pattern gives the room. Teamwork between client and designer always yields the best result!
Remember what I said yesterday

The same is true for bed-skirts. Don't y'all think it is nearly impossible to find a decent bed-skirt on the retail market. They're too short, too lightweight, a weird length. I started making my own bed-skirts, too. See how that one just graces the floor - what a difference. Ahhhhh, makes me feel so much better. Plus, I am super proud of the quality Claire Watkins Interior Design Custom can now bring to clients. Would y'all be interested in me showing you some of our construction and progress shots soon so you know exactly what I'm talking about? You can see the dovetailing on the drawers and even the foam and nail-heads on the headboard. It is really exciting for me and I love seeing my clients delight in pieces made just for them right here in Atlanta.

Now, I just need to settle on a name. 

What do y'all think? Here are a few brainstorms thus far -

1. Custom by Claire Watkins Interior Design
2. Custom By CWID
3. One Eyed Dog Designs (after my dog, Annabelle)

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Terry Kearns said...

I'm sure Annabelle wouldn't mind.

Capella Kincheloe said...

If you make everything custom for your clients they can't shop you! I'd love to see details of your designs. I think you should keep it simple and not create another name so my preference would be #1or #2. But I still love Annabelle.

johndevis said...

I liked pillows' color and bed-sheet. So much fascinating. So much beautifully.
Kenneth bordewick

Katy Byrne said...

Love it! Very pretty

Lloyd Pro Group said...

I like "One Eyed Dog Designs"

It is DIFFERENT and people will remember it.

Some of our home insurance clients are looking to decorate their homes.

We will share your blog as a resource.

Lloyd Pro Group | Nationwide Insurance

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