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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Diggs+My Favorite Steals

As you guys know, I moved about 3 weeks ago.  Usually, moving makes my skin crawl and induces tears in the aisles of Home Depot (anyone else?), yet this move proved itself super easy.  Of course, it was only around the block and I had lots of help (2 brothers, 1 very nice soon to be sister in law, a mom, a boyfriend, and a dad with snacks).  As a result, I've settled in quickly and confirmed that it is times like moving when it really must be cruel to be an only child.
my current living room
So far, this is my living room.  I am thinking of painting the walls completely white, lacquering the backs of the bookshelves (that would be high gloss blue!), hanging more panels behind the painting and possibly skirting the tv more white "linen".
current living room, naked minus the UGA game
Here is the empty room before I moved all my garb.
my old living room
Despite using pretty much all the same furniture in my new place that I had in my old place, it really looks completely different, don't you think? 
Ella (on the left) and Annabelle (on the right) on Ballard's Coventry rug
The only new things I bought so far are 4 white Ritva IKEA panels and Ballard's Coventry rug. At $220 for an 8'x10', the jute diamond patterned rug is a steal; plus, it is SOFT underfoot and does an excellent job of camouflaging my constant canine nemesis: 
Annabelle overcome with gratitude that the Coventry rug hides all her hair
white dog hair.
Of course, Lindsey Bond's Birmingham bungalow remains responsible for my urge to buy every white Ritva panel at IKEA and swath my entire dwelling as though it were a Christo and Jean Claude installation.  At only $30 a pair (for panels long enough to hang from my 10' ceilings), it could easily happen, too...
So that's it for now and yes I took all these pictures with my phone-it is just too good!  When it is all finished, I'll shoot it for reals.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

6 Small Space Tips From Nate Berkus

1. White Paint, Big Art Work "I wanted the boundaries of this entire space just to go away," Nate says people living in small homes shouldn't shy away from big artwork.


2. Address The Details of The Matter: Nate replaced the cabinets' (in the kitchen) knobs with small brass latches that he found in Greece. "That was a beautiful detail for me that changed the entire feeling of the apartment,"
3. Consistent Statement: The paint is a high-gloss blue-black, the same color that's on every door in the apartment. "That adds architectural interest to a space this small..." 
4. Mirror Image: "I made a mirror super tall in this room because that makes the space seem much, much bigger than it is..." 
5. High Time: "Take advantage of the height in a room that's a tight space otherwise..." 
6. Simplify: "In a small space, you want to keep the bedding as simple as possible so it looks clean, calm and collected..."  
Can we just take a second to look at those gorgeous hinges on the custom doors made by 3D Laboratory!  
With his timeless style, space expanding capabilities (this is 550 sqft), practical solutions for living and HSN transformative powers, you must be thinking what I'm thinking:  Someone should give this guy his own show already!  
Now go celebrate Nate Day!  Nate Day was conceived  by Create Girl to promote the  lovely ladies of Moggit 's idea that design bloggers should fill the Nate show audience on the first day of his show. 

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Before And After

Carolina Chippendale chair by Hickory Chair (by way of Scott's Antique Market, WOOT!) flank the TV.

Hope you all had a relaxing holiday weekend!  On Friday, Adam and I traveled to Columbia, South Carolina to help my little brother, Andy, move for a job he accepted there (and started today).  The three of us finished the living room pretty quickly and I think it looks pretty great-so I thought I would show it to you all today.  My favorite part is perhaps the "artwork" above the mantle on the old fashioned coal burning fireplace.  The vignette features the fireplace screen as a center piece between 2 Target lamps and a few Mrs. Howard inspired "botanicals" that I picked from the yard and mounted on newsprint.  The furniture is a mix of hand me downs, Pottery Barn floor specials, Target, old Pier One, and some Scotts's Antique Market steals (a set of Hickory Chair's Carolina Chippendale chairs for-$75/ea)!   Saturday, Sunday and Monday we had a chance to explore the city (after my parents and Andy's girlfriend, Amanda, joined us on Sunday) and Columbia is a pretty darn cute town!
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Budget Before And Afters by Craig Kettles

Bedroom After Craig (A.C.):
Bedroom Before Craig (B.C.):
Kitchen, A.C. :
Kitchen, B.C. :
Dining, A.C. :
Dining, B.C. : 

Some magicians have white bunnies, Craig Kettles, of C designs, has a white paint brush.  He comes into tired or uninspired spaces and transforms them.  Craig doesn't rely on expensive demolition, custom stone, or $100/gallon Farrow and Ball to bring impact into his spaces (though I'm sure he doesn't mind any of them).  Craig is just as artful with linoleum, as he is with limestone.  The only problem with Craig, you see, is he is so damn humble that it is difficult to get his to talk much about his work.  I briefly interviewed Craig yesterday for a project I am working on and I asked him how he learned to do all this, he replied 'Oh, I remodeled houses as a weekend hobby'.  The list of publications featuring Craig's work is a mile long.  My conclusion, Craig Kettles is magic.

P.S. Craig, I like mentors, just saying.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Before And After

Here's a picture of what my office used to look like BEFORE
I refinished my childhood desk,
painted my old bulletin board to match the walls and finished it off with a dose of nailhead trim and grosgrain ribbon,
and added a pair of lamps that I picked up at Goodwill for $12 each.  Here's what my office looks like AFTER!
The most expensive elements in the transformation are the lampshades, at $32 each.  The white chair was $6 at an Athens Goodwill when I was in school, the rug is an old one my mom had stashed in a closet at her house, the large chair print was a freebie from this guy, the green pottery cup holding my pencils is one I threw in high school, and I bought the little trash can at Target last year.  Hang tight because I'll post the other side of the room later this week!  Happy Monday, Everyone!
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Making Pendant Lights From Lamp Shades

My little dining/office/living room area was in bad, bad need of a new light fixture to replace the blah flush mount ubiquitous to a rental like mine when

I was lucky enough to stumble upon these 2 silk shantung shades while on a walk last Sunday afternoon.

After a little wrangling, a lot of question asking, and a little help from my friends, I got this new pendant chandelier!

For $30, a sharp eye and a willingness to pick up street trash-not bad, huh...

Here's a rundown of my procedure:

1. Using a quick drying fabric glue fold the end of the trim against itself, clip & allow to dry.

2. Adhere trim along shade edges with a light hand.

3. Work in small sections using clips to secure glue as you go. I like the large potato chip clip because it evenly holds a large area in place. I know, we sure are FANCY on HighGlossBlue!

4. As you approach the meeting place at the last corner, repeat step one, folding back trim's raw edge against itself. A pro will ensure the pattern matches.

5. Hanging the pendant in place of a flush mount is not too difficult and I did it with the instruction of a friend. I am however going to refrain from giving specific directions in this area and suggest that if you haven't done any electrical work before, that you seek some help, too. Cause when I say that I get fired up over this kind of stuff...I certainly don't mean it literally!

Good Luck!

Beauty is everywhere, don't you think...even on the side of the road!

Have a favorite recent road find in your home, do tell!
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